Personalized Group Travel Experiences

We invite you to co-create with me and design your dream journey across Costa Rica. Allow me to use my intimate knowledge of and connections in Costa Rica to take you far beyond the traditional travel experience, to take you deep into nature, culture, and a space of magic that exists when its almost too good to be true. In Costa Rica, we call that Pura Vida; it's truly a state of mind.

I love the raw beauty of Costa Rica. It's a special place, unique, and full of life like nowhere we've ever seen. When I set out to design life-inspiring tours, it's all about the family vibe and little nuances that make all the difference, which is why all of my journeys include local private transportation, so if we want to stop for rare fruits and a coconut on the side of the road, we do. Remember that creating the trip should be just as much fun as actually being there!!!



A private trip will allow me to create your ultimate life trip in Costa Rica. We will turn your personal intentions, wishes and desires into a journey that will help you begin a new journey in your life. Each and every single activity, destination, meal, and accommodation will be chosen for a personal purpose and all you will have to do is simply lay back and enjoy the ride. Let's make Costa Rica your fantasy island and make all your wishes come true at once and watch what happens.