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Let’s Eat Costa Rica

In this culinary adventure journey, we will amplify this by exploring some of the most beautiful regions of Costa Rica while chasing and eating all the delicious and unique local food offerings along our travel path.

My Secret Costa Rica

On this epic trip I’ll be taking you to my personal favorite spots of Costa Rica. We'll be exploring many sides of paradise— from the Pacific Ocean to the dense green mountains of the cloud forest.

Glamping With The Stars

This journey mixes some of the most beautiful, inaccessible, and raw natural sites of Costa Rica with some of the most incredible accommodations and unique experiences available in the world.

Private VIP CUstom Trips

The ultimate Dreamcatchers experience for those ready to invest in un unforgettable experience in the most beautiful country in the world.

Executive Retreats & Corporate Travel

Bring your executive retreat, group or meeting to Costa Rica for a once in a lifetime experience of business meets nature + adventure.


The Dreamcatchers Experience.

When you travel with The Dreamcatchers you are going on a magic carpet ride in the most beautiful country in the world. In our trips all expenses are included, and everything, from the food and activities to our accommodations, is a surprise. The only person who knows the itinerary is me, your guide.  All you have to do is relax and immerse your senses in the beauty of Costa Rica’s nature and people.

A trip with The Dreamcatchers is designed to fill your soul with the simple joy of being alive. Traveling with us is more than a vacation, it is a journey into yourself.




Adventure, exploration and discovery.

The goal of our trips is to chase fun and pursue life so that every day is the best day of your life.

By ‘letting go’ of control you will experience the most beautiful natural environments in the world without the distractions of expectation, anticipation, or the logistics of everyday travel. Our 100% all-inclusive trips are custom-designed for you.  They are crafted to expose you not just to your favorite activities, but to new experiences that will open your mind, raise your spirit, and help you grow in ways you didn’t know were possible. 


Let's get some Fresh sashimi


This is how we like to explore the rainforest


Learning to surf in the warm water of the pacific coast


exploring a volcano on Atvs


LEt's go.



Trip Philosophy

Our trips are about trust.  It requires trust and a leap of faith to make the decision to go to Costa Rica on a Dreamcatchers blind-itinerary trip.  From the moment you land until you leave, we work very hard to deliver an experience beyond your expectations.


incredible and unique accommodations

Adventure is best experienced in absolute comfort. The places that we select to lodge each night play a very important part of The Dreamcatchers experience.  We invest a great deal of time and care in selecting incredible accommodations in each trip. Your perfect day might end in a deluxe tree house in the rainforest, or in a magical house next to the ocean.



Maintaining your safety at all times is a very important part of our job. All the outdoor activities we engage in like surfing, horseback riding, white-water rafting, or hiking will be carried out with the support of highly reputable professionals with years of experience. Costa Rica has very high-quality private and public health systems.  We'll always be close to hospitals, clinics and doctors if the need should arise.  Our driver, Javier, is an excellent driver and will keep us and our belongings safe at all times in the Dreamcatchers van.



Even though every aspect of your trip will have been meticulously planned, booked, and pre-arranged, all of our guests will experience the bliss of what 'letting go' really means because the one and only person who knows the itinerary of the trip is me, your private guide. Prior to arriving in Costa Rica you will receive a detailed packing guide so that you will have all of the gear you need for the trip.  Once the trip begins, you will receive information about the next activity or destination only when it is necessary to get ready for it. Your energy can remain focused on squeezing every bit of delight from the present and not letting anticipation get the best of you. Our trips are fine-tuned for perfect balance, so every surprise will be a pleasant surprise!



Food isn’t just nourishment, it's a way to connect to your environment and open your senses to new flavors, textures, and smells. We take a great deal of care when selecting meals, food experiences, and restaurants that will delight, and exceed expectations. Our goal is to make each bite from your first breakfast to your final dinner a beautiful memory. We'll be making lots of stops while on the road to experience Costa Rican flavors, and The Dreamcatchers van will always be stocked with cold coconut water and healthy snacks.



the most beautiful country in the world

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a small country, yet it is home to the highest density of  biodiversity of any country worldwide. It's many micro climates include cool cloud forests, exotic volcanoes, tropical jungles, and warm beaches.  All of these places are teeming with unique animal and plant life.  Costa Rica is full of natural beauty and wonder. We will take in as much of it as the duration of each trip allows.


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Be where you are.
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