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Going on an adventure journey to a faraway land with a blind-itinerary is a leap of faith — it requires vision and instinct.  Going on a Dreamcatchers trip is not a rational decision, it is an instinctual and emotional one that requires vision and trust not just in us, but in yourself.

Right here, right now, you are potentially a few clicks away from a journey that will spark a series of changes in how you see your life and the world around you.  Personal change through travel is powerful and real, and a shift in perspective requires elevating yourself to higher ground.

Our private custom trips are the ultimate in luxury, comfort and adventure. They are designed for people that are ready to invest in themselves, their friends and their families to create memorable experiences that will become a bookmark in their memories. The Dreamcatchers will push all your senses and let you see the nature of Costa Rica while keeping comfort and luxury always close at hand.

All of our trips are created from scratch, there are no forms, formulas, or templates. Every single detail of your adventure will be done with purpose and love to give you the ultimate experience of your life.  This website is a door to new possibilities.

The Dreamcatchers creates blind itinerary adventure travel in costa rica

Cost: Minimum $6,000 p/person p/week.
What’s included? Everything: Private deluxe transportation, all meals and drinks, deluxe accommodations, snacks, airport pickup and drop off, private guide + private driver, and all tours, adventure activities and entrance fees.
Availability: Anytime
Minimum number of guests: 1
Maximum number of guests: 15
Guide: Ignacio Oreamuno
Driver: Javier Solano
Transportation: Private Deluxe Van “The DreamMachine”


Ignacio and The Dreamcatchers changed my life. I was in a rut and needed something to wake me up out of my funk. Ignacio read my mind and gave me an experience that not only changed my perspective but made me realize how wonderfully spontaneous life can still be. The trip made me more open to new experiences, more optimistic about people and simply more happy the weeks and months that followed. Do yourself a favor and call The Dreamcatchers.
— David, 2018

Costa Rica adventure travel with The Dreamcatchers

What to expect

  • VIP Treatment. Your joy and comfort will be our goal every hour and every day.

  • Stay in luxurious and unique accommodations that will surprise, pamper and indulge you.

  • Discover the hidden natural secrets of Costa Rica. Explore and discover where few visitors go.

  • 100% Private and confidential— Escape reality and the pressures of the real world.

  • Custom-designed Dreamcatchers itinerary based on your personal desires and dreams. We will design and implement. your ultimate week in Costa Rica.

  • Incredible local and world-class food served from beginning to end of the trip.

  • You will have a private driver (Javier) and a private guide (Ignacio) making your entire experience like a magic carpet ride while you are in Costa Rica. All transportation, accommodations, tours, experiences will be arranged and taken care of by us. Just arrive in Costa Rica sip a cocktail and enjoy our all-inclusive 100% stress-free experience.

  • Airport pickup and drop off.

The Dreamcatchers Adventure Travel Costa Rica
The Dreamcatchers offers adventure travel in Costa Rica
beautiful deserted beaches of costa rica
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