The Importance of Living Your Ultimate Life

Written by Ignacio


We grind our bodies and souls on the cogs of the nine to five machine for years in order to secure our 'ultimate' future. That future can hold many shapes, it could be a dream house, a dream location, a dream job, a dream financial state of being. We believe that once we 'reach that plateau' we'll be able to live in a higher, happier state of being.

We day-dream of that perfect existence and we clearly are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to get it. But does this make sense? Working strenuously for years for something you haven't tried out ever that you might not even like has the potential to be a mistake. It's akin to saving your whole life for your dream car without ever having driven it, tested it or seen it in person. Everybody thinks they want a Ferrari, but that's because they haven't tried parallel parking it. Experiencing your ultimate life is extremely important, not just because it gives you intense physical pleasure but because it provides answers to life questions that you didn't even know you had to ask yourself. 

When we take a break from "normal life" to go live a one week vacation in an exotic location do we do it because we want to experience an ideal existence we'd like to feel all the time but we can't really afford?

A dream is like a big balloon in your head taking up valuable space. This is why it’s important to taste your ultimate life. 

Let us say that your dream is perhaps to live in a house on the beach with a small sailboat. It's a great dream and that balloon in your head with the Pinterest photo of the boat and house and the beach will be a great carrot to keep you focused and working for many years. It's a great goal to have, but what if once you retire and finally live on the beach you find out that the heat is unbearable and that sailing the boat is fun, but repairing the boat is not for you? 

"Dream" balloons can only be popped by experiencing them. Popping them creates new space in our minds. No longer stuck on "I wish..." or "I can't wait until..." our mind's creativity turns on again imagining our true potential and desires. Giving yourself what you think you always wanted clears the way for seeing other more amazing things that we didn't even imagine we wanted. Giving yourself all the things you've always wanted is an act of self-love and one of the best ways to learn about ourselves, who we really are and what we really want. Once we know those things, getting to our true ultimate future becomes as easy as flipping a line of dominoes. 


My dream is to help change the world by helping people feel the true intensity of life. Feeling alive, truly alive, is the best natural medicine for our emotional well-being. Handing over full control of your experience in the most beautiful country in the world to me, your guide, allows me the power to use the entire country as a natural roller coaster of experiences, tastes, flavors, feelings and sights you will never forget.