The Dreamcatchers: an elevated travel experience in Costa rica



I entrusted Ignacio to set up a family tour that would capture the heart of Costa Rica, and we were not disappointed. We would have never had access to these experiences on our own. Ignacio’s thoughtfulness and flexibility made things easy. Not needing to think about the details of the trip planning was priceless. It allowed us to spend our time together, as a family, reconnecting, and immersing ourselves in the experiences instead of ‘keeping track of them”. We created many moments big and small during this trip that we will carry with us. It was a family adventure of a lifetime. If you want to know Costa Rica, if you want to know “pura vida” there is no better guide than Ignacio. Thank you for the moments. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for sharing....“pura vida!”.

Suzanne (April 2018)

The Dreamcatchers Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

Ignacio and The Dreamcatchers changed my life. I was in a rut and needed something to wake me up out of my funk. Ignacio read my mind and gave me an experience that not only changed my perspective but made me realize how wonderfully spontaneous life can still be. The trip made me more open to new experiences, more optimistic about people and simply more happy the weeks and months that followed. Do yourself a favor and call The Dreamcatchers.

David (May 2018)


The Dreamcatchers experience is one-of-a-kind. From arrival to departure Ignacio and Javier showed us some of the most beautiful locations that Costa Rica had to reveal, leading us through a restful yet adventurous experience discovering this beautiful country with so many riches to offer. Waterfalls, volcanos, remote beaches, hotels and houses with incredible views - mixed in with utmost personal attention - and some thrills we’ll never forget. Overall an incredible curated experience, and one that I would highly recommend to others!

Michael (December 2018)


Our family caught some sweet dreams on our journey with Ignacio and Javier that will be great memories forever. 

Private catamaran to an idyllic beach all to ourselves. Check. Watching the earth boil on the side of a volcano. Check. Healing chapped winter skin with clay mud and hot springs. Check. Zip lining through canyons and swimming under waterfalls. yes! Waking up in a mountain hotel surrounded by the apish sounds of howler monkeys greeting the dawn. Crazy. Feeding giant iguanas bananas in a restaurant parking lot. So strange and so cool. Gazing at ocean vistas from the edge of an infinity pool. Magnificent! Body surfing on the most perfect beach with gentle beautiful waves. Divine. Endless fresh fruit, fish, rice and beans served on banana leaves. Delicious. Ice cream on demand. Feeling protected at all times and not having to plan or navigate a thing. Priceless. 

Pura Vida is who we are. 

Roxi Suger (February 2019)

Glenn Taylor (March 2019)