The Dreamcatchers Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

Let me show you
the world in my eyes.

'My Secret Costa Rica' is like going to your favorite restaurant in the world on a day you're really hungry and telling the chef to serve you his best dishes. In this epic trip I’ll be taking you to my personal favorite spots of Costa Rica. We'll be exploring many sides of paradise— from the Pacific Ocean to the dense green mountains of the cloud forest. The thermometer of our trip will be your smile, and I'll work hard to delight and surprise you, as I gradually unveil, one by one, all the magical hidden places, interesting activities, people and foods that made me fall passionately in love with Costa Rica.

To acclimatize and detox we'll be using rivers, oceans, mountains and volcanoes to move our bodies and carry out some incredible nature outdoor adventures. 25% of Costa Rica is composed of national parks or protected areas and we will be visiting some of the most beautiful natural sites of Costa Rica so we can expose our souls to the beauty of the country and get up close to the wildlife.

Driving around in Costa Rica's epic roads is one my favorite things to do and in 'My Secret Costa Rica' we'll touring my favorite drives. The selected routes are scenic masterpieces that will offer us many secret pitstops where we will discover art, explore nature and taste incredible local food. The ride will be done in our spacious deluxe air-conditioned van which is going to be always stocked with fresh coconut water, fruit and snacks for your comfort.

You don’t even know where I’m going.

I don’t care. I’d like to go anywhere.
— John Steinbeck

The shock of daily surprises are balanced out with comfortable, beautiful stays and we'll be eating great food ranging from organic natural food to local home-made cuisine and even remote high-end restaurants in the middle of nowhere. 

The pace for this trip is gradual, with ample time dedicated to moderate physical adventures to relaxing days doing nothing but soaking up sun in warm tropical beaches.



Day 1 (Arrival Day- Liberia, Costa Rica)

Everyone arrives in Liberia International Airport, Costa Rica and we'll convene at our first hotel near the beach. An incredible meal will await us all.

Day 2 (Secret)

Day 3 (Secret)

Day 4 (Secret)

Day 5 (Secret)

Day 6 (Secret)

Day 7 (Departing Day -Liberia, Costa Rica)

Wow! I told you I would surprise you! Big hugs and final day on the beach before we take everyone to the airport!


Start Date: January 21, 2019
End Date: January 28, 2019
Duration: 7 days
Spots Available: 11
Guide: Ignacio
Driver: Javier
Provinces we'll visit 3
Transportation: Private Deluxe Van “The DreamMachine”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should come on this trip?

"My Secret Costa Rica" is designed for adventurous travelers that love having fun, meeting new people and eating delicious food. The group aspect of the trip is designed to inject human connection and to amplify the laughs as we share our table and meals with amazing people.

This trip is suited for anyone that's never been to Latin America but wants to get a true inside view into Costa Rica's culture and food.

Who should not come on this trip?

If you don't like humans, sun, beaches, rain, cute rainforest animals, mountains, food, light outdoor adventures and activities similar to hiking, surfing and yoga then this trip might not be suited for you. Additionally if letting go of control and experiencing a blind-itinerary adventure makes you feel queasy then we suggest you pass.

What level of physical activity is required for this Dreamcatchers trip?

Outdoor activities are a very important part of our trips. Exercise helps open up our souls, detox and relax. We will be always moving our bodies but all our trips are balanced out so that no day is too demanding. It's highly unlikely that we are going to over-do any activity because my philosophy is that exercise should always be in moderation. I'd rather do a small morning hike followed by a great lunch and an afternoon at the beach than simply hiking all day OR spending the entire day at the beach. Combining exercise and relaxation is like mixing a good cocktail and that's what my job is all about, I will push your bodies just enough to feel good and alive, but never where it becomes frustrating. We're not in Costa Rica to work out, but snorkeling, horseback riding, and white water rafting all are great ways to move our bodies.

This trip will involve moderate physical activities. If you have any doubts about whether or not you can do the activities of each trip, just contact me and we'll figure it out without giving away what we'll be doing.

Expect to engage in outdoor activities like yoga, canopying, hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, surfing and white-water rafting.

Is there free time?

Yes. the rhythm of the trip allows for some free time each day to chill, nap, call home, or do anything you please.

I have food and dietary restrictions, am I going to be ok?

Yes. The beauty of traveling in this trip with our own private chef is that he'll be making sure that we have food options for the entire group at all our stops. Prior to the trip we'll be collecting your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Will I be able to connect with my phone?

Yes. Costa Rica has a strong mobile network and most phones will have coverage even in the most remotes part we'll visit. In addition to that most or all of the places we'll be staying will have wifi. We'll ensure you have connectivity most of the time.

Do I need to know Spanish?

Not at all! You'll be in the company of two guides and a chef that are all fluent in English and Spanish. In addition, a lot of people speak English in Costa Rica. By the end of the trip however, we expect you'll know many new words!

Pipa = Coconut in Costa Rica. Vamos a tomar muchas pipas frias en la playa! We're going to drink a lot of cold coconut water at the beach!

What will a trip with The Dreamcatchers really be like?

The reason I don't show itineraries is because traveling with The Dreamcatchers is about experiencing the present moment in it's purest form and letting go. You won't understand just how much energy I put into designing each trip until you are there. I want you to take the leap of trust, because and only if you do so, will you be ready to experience everything that I'm about to show you.

I like to over deliver in everything I do. So from the moment you land until it's time to go back home, I'll be doing my very best to exceed whatever vision you have of this trip.

I'm very good at reading the energy levels of a group and fine tuning the experience on the go. When the group needs rest, I will secretly modify the schedule to allow for that, when the group needs fun, I'll find a way to add that into the day. A trip with The Dreamcatchers, is essentially a moving wedding party.

What kind of people will go on a trip with The Dreamcatchers?

Coming along on a trip with The Dreamcatchers requires a leap of faith and that simple decision is a filter through which only awesome people that are ready to enjoy life to the fullest will join us.

This trip will bring together adventurous people from around the world that love food and nature. Together we'll be chasing fun and eating everything there is to eat in Costa Rica. Sharing this experience will help us create amazing connections, conversations and memories that we'll never forget.

On day 1 we'll be strangers, but on day 5 we'll be family. Traveling together can create strong bonds between people. When we experience nature together we are actually sharing the instinctual primal desire to explore and discover.

If you want to connect with others, and surround yourself with positive, curious, and fun-loving people then come along and let's have some fun!

What is our transportation like?

We will be traveling on the awesome deluxe Dreamcatchers bus (AKA The DreamMachine). It's got great comfortable seating, air conditioner, good music, snacks, and Javier our full-time professional driver.

We'll be driving leisurely and making lots of cool pitstops along the way.

What kind of gear do I need for this trip?

A lot! From specific shoes to pocketknives. We will be providing all our guests with detailed list of gear for each specific trip. I will be very specific about what you need so you won't need to worry about being under or over packed.

How is your all inclusive policy?

We want to minimize the amount of times you reach for cash. All hotels and accommodations, meals, tours, outdoor activities, bus snacks, fruit, and water, will all be included!

What happens when I arrive in Costa Rica?

We will personally be there to pick all our guests at the airport and whisk you off on the adventure. At the conclusion of the trip we will also drop off all our guests at the airport. We'll always be there taking good care of you.

What's the weather like?

December marks the beginning of the Costa Rican summer or dry season so we should encounter minimal rain during our trip. The temperature will however vary drastically depending on where we are, ranging from high 80's (30° Celcius) in the beach, to a cool 65 in the high altitudes of the mountains (18°).