Let's Eat Costa Rica

Let's Eat Costa Rica


In "Let's Eat Costa Rica" we will combine the incredible blind-itinerary concept of The Dreamcatchers with an in-depth culinary tour of all of Costa Rica.  Our goal will be to live out one of the most beautiful weeks of our lives while we explore, adventure, eat, laugh, rest, and forge new friendships and connections that will redefine how we connect with food and nature.

Cost: $3,000 keep your money in your pocket all-inclusive (Food, drinks, private transportation, accommodations, private airport pickup, all tours, expeditions , activities & snacks included)

Note: This is a Dreamcatchers group trip so for it to take place we need you to come with at least 3 guests. If you are interested in going alone or with one other friend/partner we suggest a VIP Private Dreamcatchers trip.
Minimum group size:
Maximum group size: 15

Airport: LIR (Liberia, Costa Rica)

Places we'll visit: The details of our itinerary are secret but we will be exploring a great variety of provinces, microclimates and regions. We will be traveling a lot and experiencing a great variety of climates and environments ranging from tropical beaches to lush rainforests.  

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