Private Trip: David Angelo and Friends

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David Angelo is a special guy, and anyone who calls him a friend, knows this is a fact. Special guys sometimes invite their special friends for special vacations in Costa Rica.

And Boom! That is exactly what's happening right here right now!

The Dreamcatchers is proud to invite you all on a trip to top all trips, an all-inclusive, surprise, intense, unique and incredible trip to Costa Rica. This entire experience will be hands-off and stress-free and this means that all you have to do is arrive in Costa Rica and we'll take care of everything else! David Angelo is a man of intensity and love with amazing friends, and we are going to design a travel experience that is based around the dreams, desires and intentions of the group. 

I look forward to meeting and taking good care of you! My name is Ignacio and I will be your guide.


Potential Dates: March 1-7, 2018
Cost: $4,000 US All inclusive
Duration: 6 days
Private Guide: Ignacio
Transportation: Private executive van with private driver
Airport: Liberia International Airport (LIR), Costa Rica


Blind Itinerary

The most unique aspect of traveling with The Dreamcatchers is that the one and only person who will know the itinerary is me, your guide. Even though every aspect of your trip will have been meticulously planned, booked, and pre-arranged, all our guests will get to experience the bliss of what letting go really means. Prior to arriving in Costa Rica you will receive a detailed packing guide so you will have every single bit of gear you need for the trip. Once the trip begins you will receive information about the next activity or destination only when it is necessary to get ready for it. By doing it this way, your energy can remain focused on squeezing every bit of delight from the present and not letting anticipation get the best of you. All our trips have been fine-tuned for perfect balance so every surprise will be a pleasant surprise!


All inclusive

I don't want my guests to reach for their wallets during our tours because money is a link back to the world we are trying to escape from. All our trips are all-inclusive which means that your hotels, meals and activities are all accounted for so that you can focus on the simple act of consuming and enjoying them! The only exception is on some nights when the itinerary calls for a 'free night' so that everyone can split off from the group and do whatever they want, but usually that leads to everyone taking turns buying beers for each other! 


Incredible food & Experience

When our bodies explore a new land our mouths and stomachs must travel with us. A great deal of effort is going to be made to choose incredible culinary experiences all along each trip. Our meals will range from fresh fish and lobster on the beach, to a typical Costa Rican meal where the locals eat, to exploring the power of delicious natural foods at a permaculture farm. We will be treating our bodies to the very best of what Costa Rica has to offer. The goal is for everyone to wake up every morning dreaming of what they ate last night.

Top Accommodations

We will be staying at some of Costa Rica's most comfortable and unique hotels and houses. All our hotels will be chosen to feel like a vacation inside the vacation.



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