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Going on an adventure journey to a faraway land with a blind-itinerary is a leap of faith, it requires vision and instinct.  Going on a Dreamcatchers trip is not a rational decision, it is an instinctual and emotional one that requires vision and trust not just in us, but in yourself.

Right here, right now, you are potentially a few clicks away from a journey that will spark a series of changes in how you see your life and the world around you.  Personal change through travel is powerful and real, and a shift in perspective requires elevating yourself to higher ground.

Our trips relieve you of decision-making, but to get there you must make one decision, and that is simply if you want to allow yourself to experience this or not.  Only you can give this to you. 

Dreamcatchers is an advertising-free company.  I strongly believe in the integrity of our service and believe it is not necessary for us to pitch, persuade or try to sell what we do. I know our clients will find us by accident, by word of mouth, or by simple serendipity when the time is right.  

If you feel it's your time, please reach out.  Connect with me, and we'll begin a simple conversation. In order for me to design your ultimate trip I'll need to get to know you better, and find out how you see yourself in this world and life. All the things you love and dream about will help me design this experience.

All of our trips are created from scratch, there are no forms, formulas, or templates. Every single detail of your adventure will be done with purpose and love to give you the ultimate experience of your life.  This website is a door. 




I entrusted Ignacio to set up a family tour that would capture the heart of Costa Rica, and we were not disappointed. We would have never had access to these experiences on our own. Ignacio’s thoughtfulness and flexibility made things easy. Not needing to think about the details of the trip planning was priceless. It allowed us to spend our time together, as a family, reconnecting, and immersing ourselves in the experiences instead of ‘keeping track of them”. We created many moments big and small during this trip that we will carry with us. It was a family adventure of a lifetime. If you want to know Costa Rica, if you want to know “pura vida” there is no better guide than Ignacio. Thank you for the moments. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for sharing....“pura vida!”.


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Ignacio and The Dreamcatchers changed my life. I was in a rut and needed something to wake me up out of my funk. Ignacio read my mind and gave me an experience that not only changed my perspective but made me realize how wonderfully spontaneous life can still be. The trip made me more open to new experiences, more optimistic about people and simply more happy the weeks and months that followed. Do yourself a favor and call The Dreamcatchers.



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